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Volunteer Opportunity - Amphibian Monitoring


North-South Environmental Inc. is conducting a long-term study to assess the impacts of urban development on amphibians (frogs and toads) and to evaluate the effectiveness of a wildlife corridor and road crossing structures in maintaining landscape connectivity for amphibians and other animals (e.g. turtles) in a new residential subdivision in Guelph.

The study involves the use of various surveys to capture amphibians. The species and length of all captured amphibians are determined and recorded. Prior to their release, captured amphibians are marked with tags of different colours to permit identification of their patterns of movement upon recapture.


As a volunteer you will work with professional biologists to complete surveys in wetlands to locate and capture amphibians. You will help to measure and mark all captured individuals and will also assist with data recording. Opportunities to participate in other elements of the study (e.g. calling amphibian surveys, road mortality, water quality monitoring) may also be available.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in ecological research, wildlife conservation and habitat stewardship. Participants should have an interest in biology and conservation, enjoy working outdoors and be able to follow study protocols. Experience is not necessary (training and equipment will be provided) but enthusiasm is essential!


For further information, please contact Pauline Catling at North-South Environmental by email at [email protected]